February 2018 - Online Currency Forex Trading


You all know what CYA stands for. Of course, Cover Your Assets. And everyone does it. You have protection against losing your car in an accident. You have protection against being sued from that car accident. You have locks on the doors to your home to protect against theft and personal injury. Question. Do you... Read More »

Copy Cat or How to Use a Successful Trading System

How many books have you read about successful traders? How they did this or that and made a fortune and are still doing it. You say to yourself, “I’m going to follow his method and get rich”. So you subscribe to his newsletter (they all have one, $250) and buy his course on CD Rom... Read More »

Coca-Cola – A Value Stock?

There has been much talk lately about Coca-Cola and its potential as a value stock – as it now spots a dividend yield of 2.6% (which is the highest dividend yield since the late 1980s) and a P/E or less than 21 – right at the bottom of its five-year low. Moreover, the current price... Read More »

Buy: Hold: Sell: Jump

I’m sitting here at my computer desk with a cup of coffee at my elbow. The coffee rest in a mug, the mug garnished with the words Buy, Hold, Sell, Jump, vertically along its sides. Emblazoned across the top of the cup are the words, Wall Street, which encircles the upper portions of the mug.... Read More »

Building The Foundation For Wealth

You wouldn’t build your home on anything less than a solid foundation. Similarly, you can’t build wealth and financial independence without first having sound foundational principles to build upon. I have found that many people are working on wealth building strategies such as maximizing their 401K returns, aggressive stock trading, and real estate investing without... Read More »

Brain Snappers and Other Wall Street Nonsense

The last time you spoke with your broker did he use any of the following words? Diversification, Price-to-earnings ratios, discretionary trading, lifting a leg (he’s talking to you not your dog), leverage, divergence, fee-based compensation, escalator clause, tactical asset allocation and other mesmerizing words to place you in stupefying shock. Brokers do that to let... Read More »

Beta Factors: How They Can Be Used In The Current Situation

Ever since the turn of the century, world stock markets have been very volatile. In other words there have been significant movements (up or down) in share prices. This phenomenon has been evidenced by the collapse in recent years of the share prices of the dot com companies (e.g. Yahoo, Amazon etc.) and the sharp... Read More »

Begging Your Trust in Africa

The syntax is tortured, the grammar mutilated, but the message – sent by snail mail, telex, fax, or e-mail – is coherent: an African bigwig or his heirs wish to transfer funds amassed in years of graft and venality to a safe bank account in the West. They seek the recipient’s permission to make use... Read More »